Yesterday (Nov. 9) marked the U.K.'s Remembrance Sunday, when citizens pay tribute to all those who served in their military during the First World War. As a way to honor the troops, U.K. rockers Coldplay have released a brand new music video for their song 'All My Friends' -- and it consists of all black-and-white footage of WWI veterans, both in and out of battle. You can watch the nostalgic video below.

The video concludes with a tributing statement from the band, which reads: "In memory of all those from all nations who fought in the First World War." The song itself appears on Coldplay's latest effort, 'Ghost Stories,' for which Chris Martin and company are releasing a live CD/DVD due out Nov. 24.

'Ghost Stories Live' documents the band's one-off performance at Sony Studios, their very own custom built, 360-screen music venue in Los Angeles. Although clips of the show have already aired on NBC, the DVD will contain footage of the entire concert, from start to finish. The new music video for 'All Your Friends' will also be an extra feature. The accompanying CD will contain various tracks from the new album recorded live across different dates on the band's most recent tour.

Watch Coldplay's Official Music Video for 'All Your Friends'