Coldplay's music videos are almost as highly anticipated as their actual albums these days, and the band isn't disappointing with their latest release. The group has revealed the clip for 'Princess of China,' their collaboration with Rihanna.

The video itself is shot like a film trailer and even comes with an opening title card that's rated "POC" for 'Princess of China.' The clip itself looks as though it's shot on the same film stock that many '60s-era Chinese films were before it.

The trailer opens with frontman Chris Martin alone in the desert walking, thus taking the viewer through familiar territory as the singer always seems to be heading on foot to a destination in his videos ('Yellow,' 'Fix You,' 'The Scientist'). However, the landscape begins to change, and we see the vocalist approaching a Chinese temple where Rihanna is lounging.

The seductive pop star gets several costume changes within the video, donning a colorful robe in one scene, wearing a sheer black dress with strikingly long fingernails in another, and later wearing a simple white robe in the clip's pivotal scenes with Martin.

As for Coldplay singer, he does more than just walk through the video. In fact, he draws a sword for a battle with an unknown assailant, later joins Rihanna for some 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'-style flight through the moonlit sky and eventually comes face-to-face with Rihanna in an emotional scene back out in the desert. We see not only the passion between the two, but each of them seemingly draw swords on one another, leading to the question of whether this is love or war.

The striking video comes to a close with the music titans serenading each other while sharing a passionate embrace. It leaves the viewer hoping for a full film production at some point, but for now, we can enjoy this video for what it is.

Watch the Coldplay and Rihanna 'Princess of China' Video