There have been rumors swirling around for awhile now about Britpop mainstays Coldplay performing at the 2012 Summer Olympics in their hometown of London. The band has been pretty coy when asked about the topic, but a recent interview may hint at their involvement with the sporting event.

ET Canada sat down with frontman Chris Martin and guitarist Jonny Buckland before their show in Vancouver, B.C. During their chat Cebula inquired about the London Games and if Coldplay would be part of the festivities.

"Us doing the hurdles? That's not true," Martin jokes.

That was the only statement the singer would give when it came to the London Games. The two were more open about family life and how it relates to their touring schedule.

"More than ever we try [to take our families on the road]," says Martin. "We have to tour, and then you finish tour and you have to go and pick up someone from school. So our touring schedule is kind of dictated by three headmistresses in Britain."

Why does it not surprise us that the significant others of Coldplay control their road life? Watch a preview of the interview below.

One artist that we know won't be participating is former Who drummer Keith Moon. The London Olympic committee reportedly reached out to the band's representatives and asked if Moon would be able to play. They apparently did not know that Moon died in 1978. This isn't the only misstep by the committee, as word got out that some of the opening and closing ceremony performances would be lip-synced.

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