Coldplay frontman Chris Martin suffers from tinnitus, which is constant buzzing or ringing in the ears that is often caused by exposure to loud music. To show his support for other people stricken with the condition, his band has contributed a remixed version of 'Charlie Brown' from 'Mylo Xyloto' to 'I Am the One in Ten,' a compilation whose goal is to raise awareness about the ailment.

The charity comp is the brainchild of DJ Eddy Temple-Morris. His master plan, according to the BBC, is to create an album where "every single person involved has tinnitus."

Temple-Morris, who is the ambassador of the British Tinnitus Association, said, "We need to get through to the government that it's not just musicians and soldiers that get tinnitus, it's every layer of society. We want to reflect this by putting together a compilation album where every single person involved has tinnitus."

He is beyond thrilled that Martin "has given his blessing," since he is such a high-profile tinnitus sufferer.

The track is super exclusive, since "it's never been out and this will be the only place you can get it." That certainly ups the "must check out" factor of this release and will help spread the word about what can be a truly debilitating condition.