Contact -- Boston’s electro-pop-rock act formerly known as Young London -- have recently wrapped up recording their brand-new full-length studio album, 'Sleepwalk Into the Dark.' Ahead of its release, Diffuser is excited to partner with Contact to debut the LP's high-energy tune, 'Fascination Shadow.' Listen to the track in the audio player below.

"'Fascination Shadow' is a song about temptation,' frontwoman Sarah Graziani tells us. "I think that everyone has their own skeletons in the closet that try to creep out from time to time."

On first listen, it's easy to hear the underlying theme of temptation, especially in the highly-addictive line that ends the song, 'I can't help myself.' "This song is about the power of our darkest desires and the things we'll do to keep them at bay," says Graziani.

As a single piece to the overall album -- an album that the band says is helping them find out who they are -- 'Fascination Shadow' is simply part of the musical journey created by Contact. Graziani's vocals and energy rip through the speakers thanks to the foundation built by guitarist Matt Rhoads, drummer Jay Jepson and master-of-the-synthesizers Aaron Shelton.

For more details on Contact, visit their official website here.