Anthemic Austin-based indie rockers Courrier have been lighting up rock radio with 'Love is a Fire,' a bona fide fist-pumper of a single from their recently released sophomore album, 'Cathedrals of Color.'

If the outsized tune -- notable for its sweeping group vocals and Edge-y guitars -- evokes the grandeur of stadium gods U2 and Pearl Jam, it's likely because 'Cathedrals' was produced by Tim Palmer, who's worked with both of those bands. Indeed, 'Fire' is meant to be sung from the cheap seats, but today, we're giving away an acoustic version -- proof that the rafter-rattler stands up as a song.

"'Love is a Fire' has been a really fun show moment for us, since it has so much energy, and it's so easy to sing a long with," the band tells "It was fun trying to recreate that energy acoustically."

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