Roughly a month since the arrival of her debut full-length, Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit, Courtney Barnett has unveiled a video for “Kim’s Caravan.” Check it out above.

Just as the Australian singer-songwriter declares on the song (“Don’t ask me what I really mean / I am just a reflection / Of what you really wanna see / So take what you want from me”), any interpretation of the gorgeous new clip is mere speculation on our part. However, it finds Barnett thoughtfully gazing out on distant waters, which seems like a reflection on the song’s lyrics addressing the pollution of the Great Barrier Reef.

But don’t take us at our word, Barnett offered her own thoughts on the new video in a press release:

"Kim’s Caravan" is an apocalyptic tale of our world painted black with oil and soot, painted red with blood and greed. The song was born when blessed with time to reflect, feeling the frustration and helplessness of the destruction of my environment and the litter of humans within it. It was partly inspired by watching ‘Black Rain Falls,’ a documentary about Midnight Oil’s concerts out the front of the Exxon building in NYC in 1990.

Director Bec Kingma adds that the video also draws inspiration from returning to one’s youthful stomping grounds.

“In conceptualizing a film clip for the track I am keen to explore the adult attempt to return to that place of childish innocence,” he said. “If you have ever returned to a childhood holiday haunt in the offseason, it’s likely you’ve discovered the sad realization that the place barely resembles your idyllic memories. As grown ups we all yearn for a time and place where our biggest concerns were the sand in our bathers and the mosquito’s eating us alive.”

Previously, Barnett released videos for Sometimes I Sit and Think’s “Depreston” and “Pedestrian at Best.”