According to a series of tweets and Instagram posts by Courtney Love, the Hole singer was reportedly caught in the fray of French taxi drivers’ ongoing protests of Uber – the mobile car-hailing service that has taken a significant portion of their business.

Love was being transported from the airport in Paris she said her car was overtaken by a group of taxi drivers who were protesting. “They’ve ambused our car and are holding our driver hostage,” Love wrote in a tweet.

She added that protesters hit the car with bats, threw rocks and slashed tires. Love included a photo of the broken car window and a video of taxi drivers intercepting her car and their heated conversation with her driver.

After calling out French President Françoise Hollande for inaction, Love revealed she eventually escaped the disturbance with the help of two men on motorcycles.

French taxi drivers, who have set up blockades across Paris today, have taken issue with Uber, which employs unlicensed drivers and offers cheaper fare than traditional cabs. France passed a law last year that banned Uber and police have issued fines to drivers who have continued providing services, however, Uber has --- as reported by TechCrunch -- covered those costs.