One might not think of Duluth, Minn., as a hotbed for aggressive music, but the scene there is burgeoning. In recent years, the city has birthed such acts as Foreknown, No Wings to Speak Of, Cities Never Sleep, Your Uncle Beat Your Aunt and Bear Garden. The latest offering from Up Nort' is Crimson Tigers, a band inspired by other Midwest mainstays like Misery Signals, as well as the pop-esque stylings of the Florida group A Day to Remember.

Today we've got a track from the sextet's self-titled debut,'Ghosts of Memories.' Chatting with, Crimson Tigers member Johnny Caruth explained, 'This song means a lot to us. It was a way to cope with some of the loss we have dealt with in our lives, and we wanted the emotion to really come through with the lyrical placement and the movement of the music'.

After the EP's release, the group enjoyed four straight weeks on the Billboard Heatseeker's chart, so clearly, they've reached someone with that message.

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