Brooklyn-based electro-pop duo Cultfever have been on the rise ever since their 2011 self-titled debut. They even earned a slot on the soundtrack for MTV’s ‘Awkward’ and were named Deli magazine’s premier NYC indie-pop band in 2012. By the sound of the new EP they dropped earlier this year, the twosome has every intention of maintaining that momentum into their sophomore follow-up.

We’re excited to offer ‘Animals,’ one of the two tracks on the EP, as today’s free MP3 download. Tamara Jafar delivers unique, punctuated vocals, which align well with Joe Durniak’s bubbling, dance-ready instrumentation. The resulting track follows a meandering trajectory, alternately whispering and exploding into frenzies.

“On ‘Animals,’ we wanted to write a self-aware pop song that had some of the sensuality of a Prince tune while maintaining our quirky sensational rudiments,” the band tells “[It has] some dramatic and fitful moments, which we really enjoy performing.”

While you're at it, check out the colorful new video for ‘Animals,’ directed and animated by Rich Chapple.

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