Berlin-based singer Cuushe creates an ethereal, R&B-tinged style of pop music that floats along gently in its own universe. Sure, journalists weren't far off when they compared her past work to Cocteau Twins and shoegazers such as Slowdive and Blonde Redhead, but Cuushe's vocals, and the atmospherics they're wrapped in, go beyond genre parameters to create something truly unique.

‘Butterfly Case’ – Cuushe’s sophomore album – is a hazy and melancholic affair, where her translucent vocals careen through the lush arrangements like rings of smoke. The Tokyo-born vocalist's decision to record 'Butterfly Case' straight to analog tape proved to be a wise one, lending the sensuous production a feeling of lived-in earthiness.

Sept. 23 will see the worldwide release of 'Butterfly Case,' but got its hands on an early stream of the entire album. Listen below.