CYMBALS may have released 'The Age of Fracture' earlier this year, but the London pop band show no signs of slowing down anytime soon -- they've just released two new songs in the form of the 7-inch, 'What Eternity.'

CYMBALS wrote the new tracks and recorded and mixed them soon after returning home from their first U.S. tour. Produced by Dreamtrak and mixed by Dan Rejmer, they have shared 'Talk to Me' today (Oct. 15) as a gift for fans to celebrate the last 12 months for the band.

Between the mid-tempo bass and drums to the high-synth chords, CYMBALS catapult fans back to the '80s, which is somewhat signature for the quartet. The lyrics plead with the girl not to let go of the relationship they have and to give it another chance to sort itself out.

"These songs are close to what I am feeling during this current moment, in other words this season, or the stretch of time from spring to autumn this year," Jack Cleverly said in a statement. "They are a little more personal and introspective, which is some kind of difference for us. We don't want to explain them too much, given that so many words accompanied the album we wrote last year and released earlier this year -- these songs have no notes with them, no explanations, no justifications. The only thing we should say is that the title is borrowed from a book by Marguerite Yourcenar, who herself borrowed it from a poem. We've messed with the punctuation and in so doing changed the meaning to suit what we wanted to say."

'Talk to Me' b/w 'Innocence' comprise 'What Eternity,' which is available as an exclusive blue vinyl in limited quantities here.

CYMBALS are also heading back to the U.S. for several shows at the CMJ Music Festival next week. Check out their itinerary below:

CYMBALS Fall 2014 New York Tour Dates
Oct. 21: Cake Shop (5:45PM) -- New York City
Oct. 21: Glasslands (10:45PM) -- Brooklyn
Oct. 22: Cake Shop (9:20PM) -- New York City
Oct. 23: Cameo Gallery (11:30PM) -- Brooklyn
Oct. 24: Arlene's Grocery (4:30PM) -- New York City
Oct. 24: The Delancey -- New York City
Oct. 25: Pianos (11:30) -- New York City