Music, like politics, is now subject to the 24-hour news cycle. As a result, it’s damn near impossible to keep abreast of the day’s myriad rock ‘n’ roll tidbits. But fear not: In the spirit of simplification and efficiency, we’ve collected today's top 5 items and ranked them in terms of newsworthiness. Scroll down to see our picks.

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    Grizzly Bear Member Launching Solo Tour

    Daniel Rosen goes it alone this March

    Expect to hear solo jams and Department of Eagles tunes. [PItchfork]

    Scott Gries, Getty Images
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    Hives Apologize for Boston Snafu

    Swedish rockers dedicated song about "stuff blowing up"

    "The tragic Boston Marathon bombing never once crossed my mind while on stage, and of course it should have," writes Howlin' Pelle. "My most sincere apologies to the people of Boston for this unintentional but serious mistake." [Stereogum]

    Liz Ramanand,
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    R Kelly Making More 'Trapped In the Closet' Episodes

    The greatest story ever told ain't over yet

    Here's hoping the next 33 installments are as stupefyingly brilliant as the first. [Brooklyn Vegan]

    Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images
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    Bob Dylan's Newport Folk Fest Guitar Up for Auction

    Yep, that guitar...

    The Strat heard 'round the world could command between $300,000 and $500,000. [NME]

    Harry Thompson, Hulton Archive
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    Nine Inch Nails Touring North America In 2014

    Trent says in Reddit chat he's hitting the road with new lineup

    Reznor also touched on Beats Music, though he had little to say about the streaming service, due to launch in January 2014. [Consequence of Sound]

    April Siese