Former singer-guitarist for the Detroit garage-rock trio, the Gories, Danny Kroha is prepping to drop his debut solo effort, ‘Watching Over Me,’ next month. He’s offering a preview of his raw, bluesy folk with the only Kroha-original to appear on the album, ‘Run Little Children.’ Take a listen below.

“I was sitting by a pond in a park in Rochester, New York, playing my diddley bow, and this one came to me,” Kroha said. “Son House lived in that town for some years; I like to think he was smiling on me.”

Son House’s influence is certainly apparent on the album, which -- aside from this lead track -- is made up entirely of covers, including one Son House tune.

“I was very reluctant to put this stuff out, because there’s a tone of rootsy cornballs out there doing this kind of stuff and all of them play guitar way better than me,” he said. “But I think I have something here that doesn’t really sound like anything else. The numbers that bounce really bounce. The numbers that drone really drone. I’m excited about this.”

‘Angels Watching Over Me’ arrives Jan. 27 via Third Man Records.