Austin-based singer-songwriter Danny Malone is back with his second full-length album, ‘Balloons.’ The 11-track disc — recorded in an ancient haunted castle in Denmark — hit retailers today (June 4) and is available for streaming exclusively via Check it out below.

“Unwilling to commit to genre, Malone seamlessly crosses lines between folk, indie, electro, even hip-hop, a mash-up of ‘pop and lock with ballet set to 4 track instrumental indie post rock,’ a genre Malone categorizes as ‘future folk / sexy depression,’” reads a recent press release, testifying to Malone's diverse sound.

Or as the Austin Chronicle puts it, “Malone never takes himself too seriously and has enough off-kilter edge to pull it off.”

The disc’s first single, ‘Spiderlegs,’ shows off his talent for crafting songs that blend deep and dark emotion with clever lyrics, catchy hooks and unique vocal expressions. “It’s hard to find a problem / That I can’t dissolve / By doubling the dosage / ‘Til there's no resolve,” he sings.

“I guess I do sort of rejoice in sadness or despair,” Malone told MTV Hive. “I don’t necessarily dislike those feelings. They’re such interesting emotions, and seemingly deeper and more complex than the lighter ones. Why not celebrate feeling something so intense?”

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by listening to Malone’s new record in its entirety. If you dig the stream, click here to purchase the album via iTunes.

Listen to Danny Malone’s ‘Balloons’