Meet Nick -- a man with a big problem. "What is Nick's problem?" you may ask, possibly because you're bored and nosy. Well, Nick wants to ask Kay out on a date, but he's too scared to follow through. "What could he possibly be scared of?" you ask because you checked the cable guide again, only to find nothing. The problem is, Nick is scared of rejection. If he asks Kay out, she might say no. And then what's Nick going to do?

An even bigger problem lies with the possibility that Kay may actually say yes. Nick's idea for a date is about as original as a vanilla malt: take her to dinner and a movie. He's lucky that his pushy friend Jeff happens to be around to help. That is the premise of this short movie from Coronet Films, the number one source for programming, er, educational materials designed to help young people mindlessly follow sterile social norms navigate tough situations.

In the film, Nick's friend Jeff suggests Nick ask the object of his desire, Kay, to come help set up a "scavenger sale." Nick's idea may seem a bit unorthodox, but his prying and meddling pay off. Kay says yes and the two of them help with this dubious "sale." The film goes on to suggest other social settings for dates, thus insuring the two lovebirds are never left alone.

Sadly, Nick and Kay went on to become full-fledged acolytes in the Church of Jeff Who Is the Swellest Guy Ever. That's right -- Nick's innocent-looking friend Jeff, the very one who pushed Nick into bringing Kay to the event, turned out to be a charismatic egomaniac who convinced his peers to worship him. Things did not go well from there.