Last night (April 6), on James Corden's Late Late Show, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl stopped by the set to chat with the host, actor Rainn Wilson and actress Jordana Brewster -- check out the videos below. They covered everything from Wilson's short-lived musical career to how they celebrated Easter.

Ahead of the broadcast, Grohl shared his excitement on Twitter:

While chatting about Easter weekend, Grohl went into his unique family traditions and how he was severely hungover on Sunday morning from partying the night before. Wilson did his best to bash the Easter bunny and express his disdain for the inaccuracies of the holiday:

Oh, then they started discussing music while drawing a nude portrait of an old man:

Given that Brewster is originally from Brazil, Grohl talked about his favorite heavy metal band from the country, Sepultura. When discussing his high school band -- which he sang in -- called Collected Moss, Wilson had some comical musical advice for Grohl, stating that "[his band] broke up because we didn't have the same taste in music, which is crucial, Dave, you should think about that."

Grohl is one of many artists performing at this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Always staying busy, the world-renowned musician also recently discussed the possibility of a second season of Sonic Highways.