Who knew that a few seconds of scribbling could end up being worth more than $700? That's the price one buyer agreed to pay for a Dave Matthews autograph and sketch.

Dave Matthews autographs are not necessarily a rare commodity, but this one is special because it includes a small drawing of a face and a peace sign in blue ink along with the singer's name.

The seller insisted the autograph was 100% authentic. The 8 x 10 sheet of glossy paper sold for $725 plus $10 shipping on eBay.

The proceeds didn't go to a hardcore DMB fan, but to a professional collector. The eBay seller identified himself as a "long time autograph collector who has over 10 years of experience obtaining signatures in the New York City area from some of the most famous people in the world."

Matthews has done a lot of visual art over the years. Some of his sketches have been included in packages to members of the Dave Matthews Band's fan club. He also designed the group's classic fire dancer logo.

If Matthews' sketch was too rich for your blood, you can always try to meet him in person and get your own autograph during the band's extensive 2012 summer tour.