As reported last month, David Bowie is preparing to release the greatest greatest hits collection of his career. The retrospective, set for release on Nov. 18, is called ‘Nothing Has Changed’ and will be available digitally, on double-CD, triple-CD and double-LP. Today (Oct. 7), Bowie and company have shared the album covers for the compilation:


Speaking with NME, Jonathan Barnbrook, who oversaw the design of the covers, explains, “The theme of Bowie looking in the mirror was a strong enough ‘archetype’ to provide an immediately identifiable visual link but make it clear this was a collection of songs through the experience of one person’s life, not necessarily a specific concept or period of time as albums tend to be.”

Read Barnbrook’s full explanation here.

And for fans who live in the U.K., get ready to hear the world premiere of ‘Sue (Or In a Season of Crime’ via Guy Garvey’s BBC 6 music show this Sunday, Oct. 12. In addition to the world premiere, Bowie will release ‘Sue (Or In a Season of Crime’ as a limited edition 10-inch single for Record Store Day’s Black Friday event on Nov. 28.