David Bowie has dropped his video for 'The Next Day,' the title track off his latest album, and this one's a lot to unpack. It stars Gary Oldman as a sweetly coiffed priest, Marion Cotillard as a lady of the night and the man himself as a kind of rock 'n' roll Jesus. There's also booze, barely covered breasts and gushing stigmata wounds, all set to a sexy, glammy groove. Think the religious community will take offense?

Directed by Floria Sigismondi, who also shot Bowie's recent 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' clip, 'The Next Day' ostensibly makes some commentary on piety and hypocrisy, or maybe faith and desire, and it follows from a concept dreamed up and written by Bowie. View it a few times and see if you can decipher the meaning. Or just enjoy the cleavage and bloody eyeballs.