Nervous breakdown alert! Recent Grammy Awards performer Deadmau5 posted a disturbing rant on his Facebook page this weekend in which he wrote that his body is "shutting down" and he needs the help of medical and/or mental health professionals.

The DJ and producer born Joel Thomas Zimmerman wrote, "okay, well, after some general tests and crap, CT's MRI's apparently 'nothing is wrong with me' at a glance. I feel like my body is shutting down on me, doesn't quite feel like a flu or cold, but WHAT THE F--- man? I'm exercising now, eating decent, cut back huge on the cokes, smoothies and water... somethings f---ing WRONG and its driving me f---ing MENTAL. going to get bloodwork done on monday."

After fans responded by reaching out to Deadmau5, he followed up yesterday (Feb. 27) with a more optimistic message: "Thanks for everyones support in general, this week i'm going to get my health and mental health issues addressed and looked at by professionals. It's time to forget everything and focus on me for a minute, i'm glad im not going it alone."

Deadmau5 performed at the Grammys with David Guetta, Chris Brown and the Foo Fighters, and he toured relentlessly in 2011, including a headlining spot at Lollapalooza. Hopefully his problem is just a minor case of exhaustion that can be cured with a little rest. Take a break, dude!