Canadian clubcrusher Deadmau5 nearly burned down the house last week at a swanky New York club. In a photo that's emerged online, a roomful of classy clubgoers look to the DJ's onstage antics. You could say (and see) that sparks were flying -- literally.

The DJ tweeted an excited followup late last night: "Holy crap!!! Remember that explosion that nearly f'n killed me in NYC!?!?" he wrote. "Can't believe someone got it!!!" Lucky for him, he didn't burn himself; lucky for us, somebody was nimble with a smartphone.

The crossover house DJ was debuting a new track called 'The Veldt' when he let off an airhorn, and the hype nearly turned to hysteria at Provocateur,  an ultracool club in Gotham's glitzy Meatpacking District. Not to worry, the mousy one (sort of) had everything under control:

"No worries folks, I walked away from that one without any damage," he tweeted. "I still have 2 and a 1/2 hearts. But yeah, 'holy shit' still applies."

Of course the DJ -- real name Joel Zimmerman -- sees this has a pyrotechnic learning experience: "Lesson learned: airhorns and sparklers don't mix. The more you know!"