Almost carrying out what many a chorus has threatened to do, crossover electronic star Deadmau5 nearly set a New York City club on fire Saturday. Check his tweeted reaction below. 

In what was a headline writer's wet dream, the Canadian DJ -- real name Joel Zimmerman -- let off an air horn, which in turn let off a huge spark, nearly torching club Provocateur, an oh-so-cool joint in New York's oh-so-sexy Meatpacking District. Zimmerman was premiering a new track in (a highly destructive) style, called 'The Veldt.'

According to the New York Post, more than 200 people were standing in line outside the club -- some of them beneath a giant mousehead -- and celebs like model Hilary Rhoda and singer Ciara were inside. Thankfully, neither rodents nor celebrities were harmed during the incident.

This is the apt description he shared via Twitter for the benefit of fans: