Based in New Jersey, Deaf Rhino encompass every aspect of the DIY ethos. Their unrelenting commitment to rock and roll has been captured through their own vigorous self-promotion and unforgettable live shows, and it's all culminating in the release of their debut LP, Dirt, Rust, Chaos, on May 5. Ahead of that date, Diffuser is thrilled to give fans a taste of what to expect with the energetic new tune, "If I Could" -- listen to it in the audio player below.

"'If I Could' is a great introduction to who we are as a band right now," the quartet explains. "If you like to dance, you'll love it. If you like to bang your head, you'll love it."

They go on, "Every song on the record is built around the musical items we identify as the framework of our sound -- yet no song is similar in content, tonality or focus. If you listen to one song on the record, 'If I Could' is a great tune to start with. Turn that s--- up."

We couldn't agree more. Crank it up, sit back and enjoy "If I Could."

As we wait to get our hands on the full-length album, Deaf Rhino have a few shows scheduled; make sure to catch them live if you get the chance. And if you haven't yet, you can find all the details on Dirt, Rust, Chaos at the band's official website here.

Deaf Rhino 2015 Tour
March 9: Webster Hall -- New York, N.Y.
March 21: Studio Luloo -- Oaklyn, N.J.
March 28: Shady Katie’s -- Somerdale, Pa.
April 11: Connie’s Ric Rac -- Philadelphia, Pa.