Earlier today, Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard tweeted the link to an unfinished song he recorded several years ago: a cover of 'Set Yourself on Fire' by Stars.

According to Gibbard's recent post on Twitter, "4 yrs ago i attempted a cover of Stars' 'Set Yourself on Fire' for their covers lp. never finished it. here it is!" The song was recorded for the Canadian band's 2007 release of 'Do You Trust Your Friends?,' an album which features covers and remixes by Metric, the Stills, Final Fantasy and many more.

Gibbard's version remains true to his signature style and is much less busy and upbeat than the original. While the track does not make an appearance on the previously recorded collection of Stars' songs, it's definitely worth a listen, so make sure to check it out below.

The singer's recent focus has been almost exclusively on Death Cab for Cutie, but since the band plans to take a break following their 2012 summer tour, perhaps we will hear more from Gibbard as a solo artist in the near future. In the meantime, take a look at the band's upcoming tour dates to see if you can catch them some time this summer.

Listen to Ben Gibbard Cover 'Set Yourself on Fire'