Dance-punk duo Death From Above 1979, who recently reunited and dropped their stellar sophomore album, 'The Physical World,' are going to be the subject of an upcoming documentary film called 'Life After Death From Above 1979.' Fans will be able to devour the new doc when it airs on Vimeo On Demand on Oct. 7.

The film, which is directed by Eva Michon, focuses on the band's eight-year hiatus. In addition to bandmates Sebastien Grainger and Jess F. Keeler, the documentary will feature interviews with members of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Strokes, Metric, Justice, and a bunch of other acts. Check out the trailer for 'Life After Death From Above 1979' below:

And for all you denim fanatics, the band recently designed and released their own limited-edition Levi's jean jacket, complete with the Death From Above 1979 logo. Get all the details here.