The Sacramento-based hip-hop trio Death Grips pretty much made a career of pissing people off. They didn't show up for shows, they were often confrontational and the experimental nature of their music could be challenging to the point of unlistenable.

Yesterday, after a four-year run, they called it quits. And once again, they angered quite a few people with their announcement. It's not so much that they broke up; as far as we know, Death Grips really didn't top the list of anybody's all-time favorite group. But they left a couple of tours without a performer.

Trent Reznor, who had booked the band to open for Nine Inch Nails' and Soundgarden's joint road trip (which starts in a couple weeks), was especially irked by the news, taking to Twitter.

Likewise, Fun Fun Fun Fest had booked the group for a performance, just like it had done last year. And just like last year, Death Grips canceled. So the Austin music festival penned a response on its Facebook page on a napkin, a nod to Death Grips' own breakup note, which was announced on Facebook via a scrawled note on a napkin.

Which makes all of this way more interesting than some of Death Grips' music. Apparently, though, their upcoming album, 'the powers that b,' will still be released. They just won't be around to promote it.