As L.A. rockers Decoded gear up for the deluxe release of their EP, Topanga, on July 14, Diffuser is thrilled to partner with them to premiere the disc’s title-track -- take “Topanga” for a spin in the audio player below.

If you lived any part of your life in the '90s, chances are you've already made a connection between the name of Decoded's track and the love interest on the television show, Boy Meets World. "I've always kind of associated myself with the marvel of shows like The Wonder Years and Boy Meets World," Derek Jordan -- one-half of Decoded -- explains. "My childhood and adulthood never resembled the romantics of 'the girl next door,' but it has always been something I've longed for."

Jordan adds, "Growing up, I always wished for something like that, that innocent, genuine love story. It never happened. I think there are a lot of men in my generation that feel the same way. So I wrote a song about her, Topanga -- the idea of Topanga. It's an anthem for all us hopeless romantics out there ... what we wished for never came true, but we still hold a place for it in our hearts."

The track is full of passion and desire, driven by a pummeling garage rock rhythm created by Jordan and his partner-in-crime, Heather Miller; it's just a small taste of what fans can expect from their upcoming release. Topanga will hit the streets on July 14 via A Diamond Heart Production. You can grab more details on the deluxe EP -- and stay current with everything happening in Decoded's world -- at their official website.