Deerhunter hit the stage at 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' last night (April 2), almost a month before their fifth platter, 'Monomania,' arrives in stores. The Atlanta psych rockers played the noisy, nasty title track from the record -- due out May 7 -- and it was a loud, bloody mess. Literally.

If you can cut through the din of noise, you will notice, during all the cacophony, that frontman Bradford Cox was delightfully disheveled with a tousled black wig and bloody stumps for digits.

His pointer and middle fingers on his left hand were wrapped in bloodied gauze. It looks like he got in a fight with a knife while chopping something ... and lost. Turns out the mangled fingers are part of his new persona, named Connie Lungpin, and his extremities remain intact.

He also left the stage to waltz, rather disaffectedly, through the backstage area towards the end of the song. Dramatic and cinematic, indeed.