[PIAS] America[/caption]By now, fans of rising U.K. artist Deptford Goth know the man behind the moniker is Daniel Woolhouse, a former teacher's assistant from London who found a following after posting a song on MySpace.

His acclaimed debut, 'Life After Defo,' is said to capture a period of growth and introversion, and while the hushed lyrics hint at emptiness and heartbreak, one listen to the album makes it clear he's landed in a decidedly more positive place. Daniel chatted recently with Diffuser.fm about the message of the 'Life After Defo,' the prospect of future collaborations and his hopes for the next full-length project.

Your album came out more than six months ago, and you’ve said it’s reflects a transitional period. Are you still in transition, or have you steadied for the moment?

I think, I've steadied in a lot of respects, I think I've learnt a lot.

This record seems to focus so much on isolation versus being connected with the rest of the world. Was it strange to play the songs for an audience?

Yes, very strange, especially initially. I wasn't really at the right point psychologically to be sitting in front of people. I felt a lot of pressure in that environment.

How long have you been performing your music live?

My first show was just over a year ago. But I took a break and came back when the album was released and was much more comfortable with the process.

I can see how there would be a lot of pressure when it's something so personal. This is such an introspective album. Is there one lyric that sums up its message?

Probably not! But hopefully the record has a coherent idea of hope.

You have such well-crafted lyrics. Do you find inspiration in anything you read? Do you find yourself reading certain things while you’re in the songwriting process?

I don't really read much. I like the idea of books and love them as objects, and now they're kind of like relics. But I'm never really sitting reading. When I have that kind of time, I'm more likely to be writing things on the computer.

Writing music? Or do you write anything else as well?

Yep, music. I sometimes start writing stories but get really tied up in the first paragraph, trying to make it profound and beautiful!

Are you interested in collaborating with anyone in the future?

Yes, I'm definitely into the idea of collaborating. I think some exciting things can happen that way. But the thought also scares me a little, of being in that moment of trying to come up with something, and someone seeing you struggling!

Do you have a dream collaborator?


That would be amazing!

Haha! I'll give her a call...

Well, if Beyonce reads this, she knows to call you! I saw the performance of 'Feel Real' that you did with the Experimental Gospel Choir. (Watch below) Can you talk about how that came about?

Yeah, it was something I'd wanted to do for a while. Then we got the opportunity, and a friend who works with choirs had some ideas, and those guys seemed great. They're not actually a gospel choir. For some reason that was written in the YouTube title. They're called the R.E.C., and they do their own work and collaborate with other artists. They also performed with me for a few songs at a show I did in September at the Union Chapel in London, which was really special. Everyone loved them.

It was such a beautiful version of the song. Do you think you'll do anything with them in the future?

Maybe. If the right thing comes along, it would be a pleasure.

That would be so cool. You’re on the road now. What comes after that for you?

I'm going to try and finish another record, I've been writing a lot, so I'm looking forward to bringing it all together.

Ahhh, exciting! Do you have a rough idea of when it will be done or is it too soon to know?

In my head I've got January or February, but things can get delayed.

Watch Deptford Goth's Video for 'Feel Real,' ft. the Experimental Gospel Choir