The Killers continue their utter domination of the Diffuser Top 10, landing 'Shot at the Night' atop our weekly video countdown for the third week in a row. In these troubled times, the video-rating public is evidently finding solace in the Las Vegas crew's feelgood clip, which features a Sin City hotel housekeeper chancing upon a handsome man and having one heck of a great night.

Second place goes to MGMT's trippy 'Cool Song No. 2' video, which fans of this psych-pop twosome are no doubt still trying to figure out. Rounding out the top 5 are Aussie dance-pop faves Cut Copy, grunge mainstays Pearl Jam and co-ed indie-pop twosome Cults, proving once again Diffuser readers have diverse taste.

Scroll down to see the full top 10, and then make sure you vote in this week's countdown. The poll is over there on the right, and you’ve got until 11AM on Nov. 1, the day after Halloween, to pick from the list of 30 videos. In a fun twist on America's democratic system, you're allowed to cast a ballot once per hour, so come back often, and get your friends to do likewise. Brandon Flowers approves this message.

  • 10


    'Middle Sea'
  • 9

    Franz Ferdinand

    'Evil Eye'
  • 8


  • 7

    Belle and Sebastian

    'Your Cover's Blown'
  • 6

    Daft Punk

    'Lost Yourself to Dance'
  • 5


    'High Road'
  • 4

    Pearl Jam

  • 3

    Cut Copy

    'Free Your Mind'
  • 2


    'Cool Song No. 2'
  • 1

    The Killers

    'Shot at the Night'