What's the best way to place first in the Diffuser Top 10 weekly video countdown? Step one: Make a great clip. Sponge did that with 'Come In From the Rain' -- which they premiered on this very site -- but they were smart enough to go a step further and mobilize their fan base via Twitter and Facebook. They even made a YouTube video encouraging folks to vote. It all paid off, as the resurgent '90s heroes knocked off the Killers, who had been riding high with 'Just Another Girl.'

Rounding out the top 5 are Midwestern punk bros Radkey, middle-finger-waving rapper-singer M.I.A. and gloom-pop greats Blouse.

Because we like to keep things fresh, we've added a few new videos into the mix, and in the week ahead, Milk Money, Say Lou Lou and Jaun Wauters will join the fray and compete with last week's hopefuls for music video supremacy. Vote now via the poll on the right, which closes at 11AM EST on Friday, Dec. 20. Because our voting system is better than America's, you're allowed to cast multiple ballots -- one per hour, in fact. Come back often and tell your friends to do likewise.

  • 10


  • 9

    Palma Violets

    'Rattlesnake Highway'
  • 8

    Angel Olsen

  • 7

    La Luz

    'Big Big Blood'
  • 6

    The Coup ft. Japanther

    'Long Island Iced Tea'
  • 5


    'A Feeling Like This'
  • 4


  • 3


    'Start Freaking Out'
  • 2

    The Killers

    'Just Another Girl'
  • 1


    'Come In From the Rain'