Nobody should be shocked now that the Dirty Heads have some of the most ardent fans in the entire alternative rock universe. Thanks to that passionate fan base, 'Sound of Change' is back in the No. 1 spot for a second week in the Top 10 Video Countdown!

But don't think we're discounting the fans of the Dollyrots as they've continued to make sure 'Get Weird' does everything it can to grab the gold. A lot of other moves took place in this week's countdown, including the Muffs holding strong at No. 3, Ryan Adams shooting to No. 4 and Royal Blood rounding out the Top 5.

Congrats are in order for Tweedy and St. Vincent as well; Tweedy's 'Low Key' snuck back in at No. 7 and St. Vincent's 'Birth In Reverse' made a huge debut at No. 9.

Vying for spots in this week's Top 10 Countdown are the brand new music videos from Imagine Dragons and Smashing Pumpkins: 'Gold' and 'Being Beige,' respectively.

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  • 10

    'All I Really Want'

    The Bots
  • 9

    'Birth In Reverse'

    St. Vincent
  • 8

    'Ode to Sleep'

    Twenty One Pilots
  • 7

    'Low Key'

  • 6

    'Bring Your Love to Me'

    The Avett Brothers
  • 5

    'Ten Tonne Skeleton'

    Royal Blood
  • 4

    'My Wrecking Ball'

    Ryan Adams
  • 3

    'Weird Boy Next Door'

    The Muffs
  • 2

    'Get Weird'

    The Dollyrots
  • 1

    'Sound of Change'

    Dirty Heads