Erotic, prurient, sensuous: There are a lot of ways to describe DIIV's new Sandy Kim-directed video for 'Wait,' the latest single off their mind-blowing 2012 debut album, 'Oshin.' It's also quite NSFW, assuming your work frowns upon footage of waifish hipster ladies flashing naked flesh in various kaleidoscopic formations appearing on your computer screen. (Lucky us, we have to watch it... for work, you know?)

One of the aforementioned woman is none other than singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira, although she doesn't appear naked, so far as we can tell. (As Pitchfork points out, Cole and Ferreira appeared in a Terry Richardson photo with some interesting purple bruises on their necks, if that means anything to you.) But Sky does bring her fabulously hip style to the clip, which was seemingly shot in and around New York. It doesn't get much hipper than this. Or prurient, for that matter..