If you're a fan of Dinosaur Jr., or if you've ever seen them live, then you probably know that the best word to describe them is "loud." But the word "loud" by itself doesn't really do justice to the sheer volume of air that gets moved by frontman J. Mascis's massive array of full Marshall stacks. "Ridiculous" might be a more apt term to define what it is the band does.

Knowing this, one might wonder how this noisy power-rock trio ended up on 'The Jenny Jones Show.' We wonder that ourselves. We'd guess that Jones' sound guy was wondering the same thing as he struggled to translate the band's aural onslaught into something usable for daytime television.

When Mascis hits the fuzz pedal right after the intro, every other sound disappears completely. The drums and cymbals are gone. The bass is gone. To be honest, the bass is buried completely throughout the entire video. The sound guy does move quickly to bring the drums up in the mix, but the effect is marginal at best.

This is on the episode titled 'Grow Up! You're Too Old to Party With Your Daughter!' What's funny about that is the dudes in the loud rock band looks way more likely to hang out with the dads than the daughters. And we're guessing the host herself wasn't a big fan of Dinosaur Jr., especially since she got the name of the second song wrong. Also, here's the second song. Enjoy.