What do you get when you cross Eminem's '8 Mile' and the party pic 'Project X?' Apparently, a movie about the electronic dance music craze starring Diplo. 20th Century Fox has acquired the rights to an as-yet-untitled flick about the EDM scene that will star Diplo, who will also serve as executive producer, along with his partner Kevin Kusatsu.

“It’s like Eminem and Christopher Walken at a Manchester rave,” Kusatu told The Fader about the flick, which will follow three kids as they make their way into a festival headlined by Diplo. Adam Weinstock and Andy Jones are writing the script, with Underground Films & Management's Trevor Engelson producing and Noah Rothman joining Diplo and Kusatsu as executive producers.

It's not Diplo's first foray into movie making; he previously directed a documentary feature about Rio’s funk carioca scene titled 'Favela On Blast,' which was released on DVD in 2010. Before becoming an all-star music producer, he majored in film at Temple University and last year told GQ that he would “love to take a year off to do strictly film work.”

There's no word yet on when the movie will go into production -- in fact, just because Fox acquired the rights doesn't mean that it will actually be made -- but it will have to wait at least until Diplo gets off the road with his group Major Lazer, whose second album, 'Free the Universe,' drops Tuesday. Major Lazer will be on tour through Aug. 25 in Paris.