Calling Kansas City home, singer-songwriter Doby Watson released his debut full-length record, 'Live-In Son,' on Oct. 17 via Error Records. The album was recorded almost entirely live with Watson handling all musical arrangements; it was only after he laid down the foundation of the album that he invited a handful of instrumentalists to add a bit of color. Today, we are excited to share one of our favorite tracks from the record, 'Family Mattress' -- you can stream it below.

Watson's exceptional talent is on full display in this delicate track. With lyrics like, "Someone please take my hand / Lift me up from this mattress," the poignancy and reality of the song's message become painfully crystal clear.

"I feel like this song acts as an unintentional album thesis," Watson tells us about 'Family Mattress.' "It touches on the complications of addiction as well as the relationships we attempt to maintain -- familial, romantic, social -- amongst the darkness that can hang above it all."

It's not all about distress, though. "The song also asks for help out of that darkness," he explains. "While it certainly provides no solution, it declares a desire to love and to get better."

If you like what you hear in 'Family Mattress,' make sure to check out 'Live-In Son' -- it's full of similarly relatable songs, calling out the bleakness of life while offering listeners a beautiful outlet.