When surfer-turned-singer-songwriter Donavon Frankenreiter went to Europe in 2012 for his Start Livin' Tour, he brought as his special guest Steve Sherman. Good move, brah. The well-known surf photographer certainly earned his spot on the bus, and in addition to snapping pics and playing percussion in Frankenreiter's band, Sherman shot the aptly titled 'Sherm's In the Band,' a documentary that premiered yesterday (Feb. 13) via a partnership with outdoor-footwear maker Sanuk.

The film (streaming in full below) offers a behind-the-scenes look at life on the road. As with any such trek, Start Livin' had its share of highs and lows, though as Sherman shows us, Frankenreiter, like good buddy Jack Johnson, has a way of turning bad vibes good. Case in point: the gig in Turin, Italy, where promoters had promised Frankenreiter a crowd of thousands. When something like 80 people actually showed up, he used the low turnout to his advantage.

"Donovan goes screw it, we're playing, 'cause those are his fans," Sherman says in the film. "About halfway through, Donovan goes, 'Hey, everyone, come up onstage.' He'd decided at that point he was going to make something special happen for these people who'd come all this way."

All in all, 'Sherm's In the Band' makes the rock 'n' roll life look pretty sweet, and now, fans wishing to walk a mile in Sherman's shoes have an opportunity to do just. That's because Sanuk is marking the doc's premiere by sponsoring a sweepstakes whose grand prize includes a pair of shoes, a limited-edition vinyl edition of Frankenreiter's latest album and a bundle of signed swag. Click here to enter to win.

Watch 'Sherm's In the Band'