Katie Herzig's peppy 'Hey Na Na' sets the beat to Dove Chocolate's lovely new commercial, where a couple comes together thanks to stop-motion serendipity, milk chocolate, and a shared superpower for expanding things.

The Nashville singer-songwriter's bouncy single opens the mood of the commercial right away: sunny song, sunny day. Girl on a small bench, sitting beneath a big tree, next to a white bike, braid slung over her left shoulder. Zoom in: unwrapped bite-sized milk chocolate. Looks delicious. We're hooked.

Cut to: approaching handsome scruffy dude. Girl gives pensive smile, but the bench is too small! Oh no. Not to worry: Mr. 5 o'clock shadow magically lengthens the bench and sits down. Cute girl is stoked, and voila, turns that tiny bite into a full bar, offering half to her suitor. Guy pulls a shady branch over head in gratitude. What a sweet guy!

She gives a smile, but is yet coy, and walks away with her bike. Dude is momentarily bummed. But it's OK! She grows the bike into a two-seater. He saunters over, hops on the back, pushes horizon further away (because he loves her and wants to cycle longer, right?) and they ride off together. Wow. Is there just chocolate in those candy bars?

Too bad we didn't get to hear more from Katie Herzig; after all, as the commercial says at the end, "it's always better when there's a little more to love."

Watch Katie Herzig’s ‘Hey Na Ba ’ in Dove Chocolate's Super Sweet Commercial