The gentlemen of Interpol aren't usually known for their happy-go-lucky songs, instead embracing more of the brooding hipsters look. Lead singer Paul Banks has decided to do things a little differently with his new EP, 'Julian Plenti Lives...,' and is offering a free download of the first single 'Summertime Is Coming.'

While it's hard not to instantly think of 'Summertime Is Coming' as an Interpol song, there are a few subtle qualities about Banks' track that differ from his longtime band. It's not exactly a summer anthem like the '90s Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff classic, 'Summertime,' but it manages to keep a pleasant mid-tempo tone throughout the song. "Summertime is coming for you child," Banks sings in his trademark robotic-yet-melodic voice. There is even a breakdown at the end with the singer strumming on an acoustic guitar - very un-Interpol like. Listen to 'Summertime Is Coming' below and download the song for free here.

'Julian Plenti Lives...' contains five tracks of mostly covers, with 'Cavern Worship' being the only other original song. Banks reinterprets tunes from Frank Sinatra, Harold Faltermeyer and Detroit hip-hop icon J. Dilla (you read that right). Consequence of Sound reports that he will then release a full-length solo album this October through Matador. See the tracklisting below for 'Julian Plenti Lives...'

'Julian Plenti Lives...' Tracklisting

1. 'Perimeter Deactivated' (Harold Faltermeyer)
2. 'Summertime Is Coming' (Paul Banks)
3. 'Mythsysizer' (J Dilla)
4. 'I’m a Fool to Want You' (Frank Sinatra)
5. 'Cavern Worship' (Paul Banks)

Listen to Paul Banks' 'Summertime is Coming'