Portland boyfriend-girlfriend duo Dresses drop their debut, ‘Sun Shy,’ in early September, and after hearing a sampling of their effervescent indie-pop, we’re positively stoked to hear the album in its entirety. Just check out the video for ‘Blew My Mind,’ which finds singer Timothy Heller and guitarist Jared Ryan Maldonado performing in a cluttered basement seemingly filmed through an Instagram filter. The tune is chock full of pretty harmonies, handclaps and Heller’s uniquely sweet and perfectly enunciated vocals.

When it comes to writing in tandem, Heller and Maldonado say they work best best by starting separately and coming together later to build their songs. In the spirit of great dynamic duos, Diffuser.fm asked Dresses to create a list of their all-time favorite musical pairings. Maldonado and Heller came up with fellow couples, sibling twosomes and good-old-fashioned duets that span rap, R&B and alt-rock. Check out their picks below, and grab ‘Sun Shy’ when it lands on Sept. 3.

  • Kimbra and Gotye

    We first heard of Kimbra through this song (as did everyone in the world), and they sound amazing together. It would be pretty cool if they collaborated on an album together. – Jared

  • Drake and Lil’ Wayne

    I love their dynamic together. They’re always so appreciative and supportive of each other, and I think that’s amazing. I think they are great musicians and a part of a really inspiring group. – Timothy

  • Jay-Z and Beyonce

    Everyone’s favorite power couple! Everyone should want to be in a relationship like Jay-Z and Beyonce’s. Seeing such a successful and healthy relationship in the music industry is awesome. – Timothy

  • The Knife

    I’ve listened to the Knife for a long time. Their music is so interesting and different; it’s inspiring in the way that I’ve never heard anything like it before. I also love that they are a brother and sister. I think sibling dynamics are amazing and super important. – Timothy

  • CocoRosie

    Again, I love sibling musicians! I think the sisters of CocoRosie are such intelligent people and super talented. Their writing styles are super inspiring to me, and I love watching interviews of them just to see how their minds work. - Timothy