Dum Dum Girls sing for wayward rock 'n' roll kids everywhere in 'Lost Boys and Girls Club,' the lead single from their just-announced third album, 'Too True,' due out Jan. 28 on Sub Pop. The tune comes paired with an awesomely epic bible-themed video, and as frontwoman Dee Dee slinks through a technicolor Garden of Eden, looking a bit like Poison Ivy from the Cramps, she ruffles the feathers of sullen, heroin-chic angels, who rain down hellfire and fury.

That's more or less the premise of director Cody Critcheloe's clip, created in conjunction with H&M Life, an initiative whereby the popular clothing chain helps artists around the globe make videos for their music. As for 'Too True,' Dee Dee says in a press release that she wrote the record in New York City in the summer of 2012.

"I was waiting with bated breath ('and whispering humbleness') to let the muse loose," Dee Dee says. "I was a woman possessed and my possession enabled me, and this rare moment of actively stepping outside my otherwise introspective head, to create things tangible to others, I found truly transcendent. Here is my best attempt at joining the rock 'n' roll ranks, of chasing pop into the dark, and I am as ever, humbled that you listen."