Getting stuck in the friend zone with someone isn't the best place to be if you want to take that relationship to the next level. Dutch Uncles shed a light on that problem in their new music video for 'In n Out.'

Filmed in black and white, the Jody Whittle-directed video goes for the interpretational approach to this particular topic. Frontman Duncan Wallis, who plays an out-of-this-world traveler, is seen in the buff trying to lure a lady spirit to go away with him. The visual later shows a clothed Wallis standing away from his futuristic vehicle, which leaves him on earth.

"The video was inspired by the song’s subject matter of crossing the 'friend zone,’" the Manchester-based band explained in a statement. "How we can never quite get back to that perfect moment or 'high' once exited. It explores the concept of in and out, both literally and figuratively."

Meanwhile, the song sounds a little like '80s Duran Duran coming into 2014 -- you know, without the kitsch of that time period.

'In n Out' is the latest track off Dutch Uncles new album, 'O Shudder,' set to hit the streets on Feb. 24 via Memphis Industries.