Eagles of Death Metal -- the party-rock collaboration between Jesse Hughes and Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme -- shared a new song today (June 16) called "Complexity" along with some seriously spaced-out artwork for the new single.

"Complexity" precedes the release of the band's forthcoming full length, Zipper Down, which has no set release day yet. The music isn't much of a departure from the band's previous two full-length releases – it features garage boogie driven by piano and guitar on the order of Little Richard and Bob Seger topped with fuzzed-out overdrive that recalls Homme's other band. "It don't take nothing fancy/ It's just A-B-Cs," sings Hughes. "It's so easy / Without complexity."

The cover art, on the other hand, is significantly over the top -- it's a melange of pop culture sci-fi references including Hughes and Homme in knockoff Star Trek uniforms, Space Invader space ships blasting in the background and Area 51 aliens firing phasers.

Eagles of Death Metal

The band also promise to make some "big ol' announcements" tomorrow. Listen to the new single here. In the meantime, check out where Homme ranks in our list below.

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