If you’re in NYC Oct. 15-19, you should definitely catch the CMJ Music Marathon, where British post-punkers Eagulls will perform. We think they’re one of the festival’s must-see U.K. acts, and to prove our point, we’re offering their song ‘Nerve Endings,’ for free download.

Hailing from Leeds, Henry Ruddell (drums), Mark ‘Goldy’ Goldsworthy (guitar), Liam Matthews (guitar), Tom Kelly (bass) and George Mitchell (vocals) serve up unrelenting riffs and pair them with Mitchell’s shout-it-out vocal styling. It’s what you might expect from the band that wrote a scathing open letter targeted at their musical peers — namely “beach bands.”

The letter reads, “You do not surf. You are not ‘gnarly.’ Stop saying, ‘dude, rad, bro…’ Shut your rich mouths.” They accused their peers of everything from looking like “Mickey Mouse Disney characters” and hiding behind “‘90s haircuts” -- and that’s just a snippet of the fuming, explicit letter tearing into current trends dominating indie music.

Clearly, the guys of Eagulls are a little disenchanted with the state of music, and you can hear that in their own sound. ‘Nerve Endings,’ the opening track from their forthcoming debut, finds Mitchell screaming that he can’t find his end. It’s a feeling the band attributes to building anxiety and not being able to see an end in sight.

“The lyrics in the song are about anxiety, not really knowing what was happening and trying to figure it out,” the band tells Diffuser.fm. “It’s that uncomfortable feeling of not being in control that I think everyone can relate to at times. When everything gets on top of you, and you think to yourself, ‘Is it ever going to end?’”

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