In today's crowded audio space, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with all the new music that is ready to be instantly consumed. Even worse, a lot of that new music is "empty," lacking an identity of sorts -- a conscious, if you will. Today (Feb. 10), Diffuser is beyond excited to debut the brand-new track from East Cameron Folkcore, 'The Joke' -- a song that serves to represent the poor and downtrodden, filling the void left by hollow music. Hear it for yourself in the audio player below.

'The Joke' appears on the Austin-based eight-piece outfit's upcoming LP, 'Kingdom of Fear' -- an album that is divided into four chapters that are sewn together by one coherent musical brand, blending folk, blues and rock and roll for an undeniably unique listening experience. And on top of the music, the songs actually mean something.

"'The Joke' refers to the American dream and is a tale of multi-generational servitude to a higher class," frontman Jesse Moore tells us. "It's the illusion of equality sold through the manipulation of your subconscious, by corporate greed and glossy advertisements that pick at your emotions and senses to sell you the illusion of a fulfilled life."

He goes on, "It's a human's inherent need to laugh at their own plight. As author Robert Heinlein wrote in 'Stranger in a Strange Land,' 'I've found out why people laugh. They laugh because it hurts so much ... because it's the only thing that'll make it stop hurting.'"

'Kingdom of Fear' hits the streets on April 7 and will be available on CD, digital and vinyl formats. You can pre-order the album at the band's official website -- and if you find yourself in Texas in the next couple of months, make sure you catch their live show (dates below).

East Cameron Folkcore 2015 Tour
Feb. 20 -- Houston -- Fitzgerald’s -- Quiet Company Album Release Show
Feb. 21 -- Austin -- Empire Control Room and Garage -- 101X Presents: Quiet Company Album Release Show
March 14 -- Austin -- Austin American Statesman Parking Lot -- Austin 360 and Austin American Statesman Free SXSW Interactive Showcase
March 16 -- Austin -- Empire Control Room & Garage -- Mother Falcon Pre SXSW Party
March 17 -- Austin -- Maggie Mae's -- KLBJ 99.7 SXSW Showcase (1am)
March 18 -- Austin -- ABGB's -- Austin Independent Radio Day Party
March 18 -- Austin -- The White Horse -- The White Horse Day Party
March 19 -- Austin -- Lambert’s -- BMI Day Party (2pm)
March 20 -- Austin -- Shiner Saloon -- Eye in the Sky Productions Day Party Showcase
March 21 -- Austin -- The Vortex Theater -- Altercation Records Day Party
March 21 -- Austin -- Lambert's -- Official SXSW Showcase (1am)
April 1 -- Austin -- Salvage Vanguard Theater -- KINGDOM OF FEAR CD/LP Release
April 2 -- Austin -- Salvage Vanguard Theater -- KINGDOM OF FEAR CD/LP Release
April 3 -- Austin -- Salvage Vanguard Theater -- KINGDOM OF FEAR CD/LP Release
April 4 -- Austin -- Salvage Vanguard Theater -- KINGDOM OF FEAR CD/LP Release