Phil Oakey's cybernetic love anthem 'Together in Electric Dreams' powers the adorable new ad for EDF Energy, where a little orange blob creature bounces along to the 1984 powersynth jam.

Orange blob sits innoucously on a tasteful stereo set before the producer Giorgio Moroder's infectious opening sends the ice cream cone into a 'Night at the Roxbury' headbob. Being that this is as ad (or advert, as they say over the pond) for green energy, orangedude hops atop a vacuum cleaner, rides an iron across a shirt, and chills on a wicked guitar amp while grooving to the soundtrack hit.  This dreamsicle homunculus loves househould appliances, low-carbon energy and dance music. That's our kind of cute weird thing.

Reintroducing Phil Oakey's jam to British culture has driven droves of commenters to the over-the-top original video on Youtube ("EDF Energy Feel Better Energy TV advert FTW!!!"). Whether its the first time or a re-discovery, the advert's expousre has given a rebirth to this most tubular of '80s computerized love story soundtrack hits. Take that, 'Short Circuit.'

The only remaining question is this: is this bubblegum pop gem a forewarning of the Orwellian interconnection of contemporary Facebook users? The answer is yes. You're a visionary, Phil Oakey, a true visionary.

Watch Phil Oakley’s ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ in the EDF Commercial