Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros have dropped the new song 'Better Days' from their forthcoming self-titled third studio album, due out July 23.

"These songs mean everything to me," said frontman Alex Ebert (Sharpe's not a real person), who produced the album. "It's the rawest, most liberated, most rambunctious stuff we've done."

So how does 'Better Days' stack up to Ebert's impassioned comments? It's decidedly retro, with ringing bells and a robust, communal chorus that sounds ready to sing on a Sunday morning among the faithful.

There's also some '60s-jukebox production and soulful, almost Motown-like vocals, served up with a rocker's edge. There's plenty of layers to sift through, making it a headphones record. Yep, it's pretty epic.