Still riding the release of their brand new album, 'The Three Poisons,' Montreal-based indie rock outfit Elephant Stone have released a new music video for their song 'Knock You From Yr Mountain,' which you can watch below. The song itself blends traditional Indian music with modern day indie rock -- and you may even notice some Mars Volta influences.

In the video, the band stands in an Egyptian desert, singing the track, whilst images of pyramids transcend in front of the screen and a woman climbs a mountain of sand in nothing but her undergarments and an Egyptian headdress. There's an abundance of underlying plots, including a kidnapping with an '80s-style private detective enlisted on the case.

Fronted by Indian sitarist/bassist Rishi Dhir and psyching out their audiences since 2009, the band unleashed their third and grooviest studio LP back on Aug. 26 via Hidden Pony Records. The name of the album is based off of the teachings of Buddhism, for which "the three poisons" refer to the three causes of suffering in life -- ignorance, attachment and aversion.

Elephant Stone's Official Music Video for 'Knock You From Yr Mountain'