Ell V Gore's 'Sex Static' EP doesn't drop until June 4, but you can listen to the release in full, right here, right now, via the Soundcloud stream below.

The brainchild of 24-year-old curio Ell V, this Toronto-based foursome was born out of the "late-night sex-party underworld," according to an attention-grabbing press release.

Indeed, Ell V Gore's music has a seedy, hiding-in-dark-places tone and vibe, and the minimal production ties together the fast tempos and overriding New Wave mystique. The EP, due out on Bad Actors, is an exercise in artsy, angtsy post-punk, and in roughly 18 minutes, the group serves up four buzzy, musically tense tracks: 'Her Vicious,' 'Lobotomy,' 'Smack Me Up' and 'Death Strings (Los Angeles).'

If you like early Ministry, Throbbing Gristle, the Buzzcocks, the Birthday Party or the Swans, well, you'll most definitely get your rocks off to Ell V Gore. So settle in, spin 'Sex Static' and go spelunking on the dark side.

Listen to Ell V Gore's 'Sex Static' EP